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Solder factory house

Fives advantageFive big advantageFaster、More efficient、CRD、On time delivery

Solder factory house

Focus on professionalFocus on professional

12Years focused on automatic soldering、Automatic lock screw、Automatic dispensing area development experience、Have experienced software development、Electrical development、Structure development r&d project development。

Power to witnessStrength witness

With more than50Equipment material preparation,More than a year200Equipment sold to all over the world、Establish multiple dealers。

Qualification certificationCertification

Dongguan Bertrand electronics co., LTD. For multiple productsCE、FCCertification,2017In high-tech enterprise certification、The winner of multiple patent rights。

High quality productionHigh quality production

In order to reduce dust pollution equipment、Get a comfortable work environment for employees,We provide plant air conditioning workshop;Take the lead in importing classification equipment assembly line assembly work。Strive to high quality production automation industry benchmarking。

Automatic soldering machine

Automatic soldering machine

High-quality serviceQuality service

With more than10Name10Years of after-sales technical personnel,Distribution of east China office、Xiamen office、Quickly provide comprehensive after-sales service,Let the customers buy felt relieved with felt relieved,The next three years we will open the chongqing office、Yantai office and so on。



Light soldering machine

cooperation processService processGrasp every detail,The perfect present

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about usAbout thereIn the spirit of craftsman do products,In order to do enterprise production and management

Dongguan Bertrand electronics co., LTD


2007Was established in dongguan city, guangdong province;The registered capital500Million yuan。

The existing staff20Name,Technical personnel12Name;Annual turnover:1000Yuan of above;

2017In high-tech enterprise certification。

Headquartered in dongguan city,Set up in kunshan office、Xiamen office。

The main products: Automatic soldering machine、Automatically lock screw machine、Automatic dispensing machine、Some oil machine machine、Non-standard equipment。

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